Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beautiful Day

This morning as I drove to a client site in Princeton, I felt a strong urge to not worry about my radio that was not playing music for some reason and just enjoy the quiet.  It is very rare that I take that time in the car to just be quiet...that solitutude time!  It is hard to find quiet time with three kids so I took advantage of this time.  As I drove, I began to look around and really notice my surroundings and even though there was a lot of traffic that isn't what I was noticing.  I was looking up in the sky and saw that the sky was a beautiful blue and I couldn't see a cloud in the sky.  It was a beautiful morning and a big change from last evening's storm clouds!  I had to take some time to just breathe it all in and stand in awe of God's creation!  He is so awesome and is a great painter and artist!  If I had the radio on, I don't think I would have taken the time to really soak in his presence.  The other day, I was at Women's Bible Study at church and we watched a video called "Measureless Love" by Beth Moore.  She spoke about the fullness of God spoke about in Eph. 3.  Beth mentioned that the annointing is the measure and the overflowing of the fullness of God.  How many times have tears come to our eyes and we don't even know why we are crying?  I really believe it is like the measuring cup that Beth spoke about that has been filled by the presence of God and now it was overflowing as I drove!  I am so looking forward to going away with a bunch of mommy friends this weekend for our MOPS Retreat....Ocean Grove hear we come!  I am looking forward to being in God's creation and soaking in his presence and partaking in the fullness of God!  Thanks to my wonderful husband for taking care of all three kids!  I am truly blessed beyond words!!!!!

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