Friday, February 20, 2009

Understanding what you are reading

I wanted to share with you what the Holy Spirit put on my heart. I will say that the comments that I am about to make is not directed at any person but, will cause you to "stop and think". We have reading through the Bible in a year and I am not saying that is a bad thing to do but, in order to get a cleary grasp an understanding and appreciation for the Word Of God we must take our time and meditate on His word. The same holds tgru for "Crazy Love". I am not comparing this book to the Word, there is no comparison, but what I am saying is that this is a book that you cannot rush through. If you intended to do that, then you should put the book away or give it to someone else to read. As well for those of us that are married we should read the book together and be patient. If either one of you are tired, had a long day or whatever it may be, DO NOT carry on with this book without your partner. Be patient and wait, afterall this book is meant for us to have a "Crazy Love" for Him so that we may love each other better.

For His Glory!!!!!!!

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